Maggie's Munchies


It's been our mission since 2001 to provide freshly baked and preservative free treats for your dogs.  

You will find no "mystery ingredients" in our treats as we bake with only premium and dog healthy ingredients.

Our products accomodate the changing dietary needs of your dog; from the youngster pup to the old friend your dog has become.    


  • Pet safe orchard fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Premium flours

  • Local farm raised meat products

Make your pup happy with a treat from Maggie's Munchies!

We bake every treat with premium flours, orchard fresh fruits and farm direct meat products. There are no artificial ingredients, fillers, coloring or preservatives in our treats. Only freshly baked goodness for your pup!

At Maggies' Munchies every dog is a good dog and every dog deserves a good treat!