Maggie's Munchies Price list

Fresh treats never tasted so good!

Maggie's Munchies is a 100% American made company! Our all natural dog chews are locally sourced and chemical free.

Elk Antler Small Size 10 / 20#'s $10.00
Elk Antler Large Size 25 / 60# $20.00
Elk Anter Monster Size 65#'s + $45.00
Bison Scapula $5.00
Bison Windie Small $5.00
Bison Windie Large $9.00
Bison Bully Sticks $8.00
Pig Ears $ 5.00
Pork Roll Ups $5.00
Liver Taffy Chicken Beef 6/$5.00
Sausage Links Chicken Beef 2/$4.50
Sausage Sticks Beef 5/$3.00
Treat Bags
Pumpkin Harvest Pumkin Hard baked $8.00
Going Bananas Banana Hard baked $8.00
American Hero Chicken Liver Hard baked $8.00
Louie's Coconut Crunchies Grain Free Hard baked $9.00
Louie's Liver Snacks Beef Liver Hard baked $8.00
Double Trouble Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Hard baked $8.00
Happy Dog Granola Oats & Cranberries Hard baked $8.00
Duke's Chicken Stew Chicken Liver & Vegetables Hard baked $8.00
Gluten Free Yummies Carrot/Pumpkin base Hard baked $8.00
Louie's Fruit Chewys Fruit base Hard baked $8.00
PB2 Peanut Butter Hard baked $8.00
Maggie's Peanut Butters Peanut Butter Soft baked $8.00
Colonel's Chicken Chews Chicken breast meat Crunchy $10.00

All treats are 100% free of preservatives, additives and colorings.